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A dog crate is quite useful, especially if you have just brought home a new puppy and you want to start housetraining. It also serves as your pet’s safe haven, a place where it can run to if it just wants to be alone. Furthermore, a crate is something that you can utilize when traveling with your dog.

Although a crate has many uses, some dogs just don’t feel comfortable in it. They hate it! But no worries, you can still change this behavior.

Here are ways on how you can get your pet to love its crate:

Pick the Right One and Make It Comfy

The most important thing that you need to consider when choosing a dog crate is the size. Make sure that it is not too small that your puppy can’t stand in it and move around. It should be wide enough for the dog to move comfortably. It can’t be too big either in such a way that your puppy gets intimidated by its size.

When you are still housetraining your pooch, it would be better off if you install a PVC curtain to your cusca de caine as this will allow the puppy to go in and out on its own. This alone will encourage it to do things at its own pace. You don’t have to force it.

Make the Crate Comfy Enough

Another great way to make your dog start enjoying his crate is by making it as comfortable as possible as you would with your bedroom. Add beddings and some toys that your pet can play with. You also need to put bowls for food and water.


Reward Your Dog

A dog loves rewards, so if you see that it goes to its crate without you forcing it, it would be nice to give it a reward. It could be in the form of treats or toys. If you do this, your puppy will certainly look forward to being in its crate again.

Pick a Good Location

The location of the crate is also essential, especially if you are still housetraining your puppy. It will help if you position it in a place where your dog can see you watching TV, cooking, or whatever you are doing. You need to do this until you see that it is already comfortable to be left in the crate on its own.

If you have a large home, it would be best to invest in two or more dog crates.