When fishing for crappies, you must have two things in mind; to have a good time and to have a sumptuous meal later.

Fishing can indeed be an entertaining adventure. It helps you escape from the usual routine you are doing. Some people who picked fishing as their hobby swear that they get a feeling of contentment every after a fishing expedition with a massive catch as a bonus. Because without a catch of crappies, that means that there will be no sumptuous dinner of crappies.

Many go fishing for this particular kind of freshwater fish because of its delectable taste. Crappies can be cooked in several ways without the ‘fishy’ aftertaste. Crappies abound in freshwater rivers and lakes in North America, but it does not mean that you are assured of a great catch every time you go fishing.

Before embarking on a fishing expedition, you must be equipped with proper fishing equipment. Will you be using a fishing kayak?

fishAfter Sunset or Before Daybreak

During these times, crappies will come to the shores to find food. Crappies eat just about anything so that you can get ready with winnows, worms, or small shrimps as baits. When they are on the shallower part of the water, they will be easier to catch.

During Spawning Season

During the day, it may be difficult to see crappies in the shallow portion of the water. Most of the time, they are in the deeper and cooler part of the water to escape the sun’s heat. You may only find crappies near the shore during the spawning season, where male crappies are building nests for the eggs. This is why your catch would probably consist of male crappies when you go fishing during the day.

The spawning season of crappies may happen during the months of February or March or during spring.

At Midnight

freshwater fishIf you want to have the best catch, the best time for fishing for crappies can be between 11 PM to 2 AM. This is the time when most of the fishes are looking for food

It is also essential to consider the season. During summer, night fishing can give you the best catch because the water on shallow portions of the river or lake might have cooled down. Spring is when crappies spawn, so can be catching male crappies during the day.

It is during autumn that you may find it challenging to catch crappies because the temperature is almost the same in any part of the body of water. That means crappies may be everywhere. Winter can be the best season because crappies do not go into hibernation. The lack of food and the narrowing of playing ground are the main causes why crappies are easy to catch during this season.